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PARDA Commendation Medal Award


PARDA Commendation Medal Award

Past Recipients:
John McLoughlin, Retired Lieutenant
Will Jimeno, Retired Detective
Barbara Mahon, Retired Detctive
Joseph Morris, Retired Chief of Police
Henry DeGeneste, Retired Chief of the department
Tom Farrell, Retired Asst. Deputy Chief of Police
Robert Belfiore, Chief of Police
Robert Caron, Retired Chief of Detectives
Ken Vitty, Retired Detective
Peter Caram, Retired Det. Sgt.
Anthony Sclafani
Thomas Inman
Cynthia Hadley-Bailey
Carmine Spano
John Brown

PARDA Achievement Award

Past Recipients:
Vincent Olivo, Retired Sgt. Posthumously
Nicholas Della Sierra, Retired Detective


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