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Law Firm Representing Retired and Active First Responders

Law Firm representing Retired and active first responders who worked ground zero ad for all new or to reopen prior compensation cases contact law firm of:

Lawrence B. McCarron, Esq.
Lawrence B. McCarron P. C.
One Blue Hill Plaza, 3rd Floor
PO Box 1574
Pearl River, New York 10965
Facsimile- 845-474-7094
email: lmccarronn@lmccarronlaw.com

Please note: The Zadroga Act is scheduled to end in October of 2016. In the event that it is not extended, this will mean that many of the first responders and volunteers who worked Ground Zero and other locations and now suffer health problems due to the exposure of toxins will not be able to be compensated for these injuries. All new claims should be filed by April of 2016.

Contact Lawrence B. McCarron, Esq. PAPD retired Sergeant at 845-359-5400 if you would like to discuss filing under the Zadroga act.

Dues are now due for 2018. $10.00 dues and donations in access of $10.00 will be appreciated.

Click here for the dues form.

PARDA Automobile Window Decals

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Mail to:
Cynthia Hadley-Bailey,
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