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2018 Dues Notice


Dues are now due for 2018

Dues are still only $10.00 per year:


Please print out this notice, fill it out and mail in to the address below. Please make all checks payable to PARDA






Phone: Home:_________________ Cell:_________________________


Email address: (Please print clearly) 


Date hired by PAPD:___________________ 


Date Retired:_________________________ Retirement Rank________ 




Dues:____________ Donation:_____________


Donations will help defray our operating costs. Your new 2017-2018 courtesy cards have arrived . Contact Ken Vitty 732-232- 1008 to get your cards. Please mail payment to: Cynthia Hadley-Bailey, PO Box 533, Livingston, NJ 07039. General members are allotted (4) cards each while board member (8) each. Extra cards are $1.50 each. You must enclose self-addressed stamped envelope when you order your cards in amount of $1.41 for 4 cards or $2.82 for 8 cards.


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